A little bit about me🙂
Hi there! I'm Claudia, a creative soul with a deep-rooted passion for art and graphic design. With my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Advertising and Public Relations, I've mastered the art of blending marketing insight with a keen eye for design.
My passion took a turn towards the intriguing world of graphic design during my university years, where I cultivated not just a knack for aesthetics, but also a deep understanding of UX/UI design. This dual expertise has been a game-changer in my freelance career, allowing me to create designs that are not only visually stunning but also user-friendly and intuitive.
Beyond the digital canvas, I also find joy in traditional art - drawing and painting with a spirit that harks back to my childhood dreams. My forte lies in my ability to craft engaging, user-centric designs, whether it's for websites or various graphic design projects. I'm all about making sure that every piece isn't just seen but felt and experienced.
In every project, my goal is to dive deep into the client's vision and objectives, ensuring that the final design is not only eye-catching but also offers a seamless user experience. I'm excited to collaborate and bring our ideas to life, creating something that's not just a design but a journey for the user.